Under The Aquadrome Pt.2Tom Dicicco

Under The Aquadrome Pt.2


Label: Run Out Run

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 23/08/13

It seems like just a few weeks since we were singing the praises of the inaugural release of Tom Dicicco’s recently founded ‘Run Out Run’ label, yet the second record in the series ‘Under The Aquadrome Pt.2’ is already upon us. No doubt, the intention and future direction of a newly founded label can be hard to gauge on the basis of its opening release. However, both this EP and the first in the series have a vivid sound to them, comprising of gritty textures and mesmerizing richness. It’s clear that Dicicco has had clearly thought-out plans for the label right from the offset.

The EP’s opener, ‘Physical’, is a cacophonous jumble of euphoric rushes and dark atmospherics - not dissimilar from the work of someone like Luke Slater or James Ruskin. As hammering bell tolls sit uneasily above the power-driven beat, thundering low-end rumbles beneath surges of industrial noise. No messing about with this one. 

Whilst remaining equally dense, the aptly titled ‘Grainy Days’ is significantly less hectic, stretching granular chimes over lethargically paced drums with foggy, rumbling bass drones. There is masses of space on this track, and it successfully showcases Dicicco as a producer capable of creating highly atmospheric scenes, alongside his signature dancefloor sound. 

Similarly, ‘Excavation’ has a dubby, measured feel to it that provides the perfect platform for Dicicco to build layers of twisted screeches and raw percussion. This has a particularly organic feel about it, as if being played live, and keeps the whole thing moving forward steadily. 

The final track of this EP, ‘Merk’, takes its name from what is presumably a variant on ‘Under the Aquadrome Pt.1’s ‘Werk’. However, ‘Merk’ provides the listener with a far more reflective and downbeat offering to its counterpart, as a grumbling, minimal bassline quivers uncertainly beneath the mix.

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  • Sep 02, 2013
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