Condemner EPL.A.W.

Condemner EP


Label: Decoy Records

Format: Limited 12”
Release Date: 29/07/13

Considering the imprint is only four releases deep, Rebekah-fronted Decoy Records have carved out an impressively coherent sound for themselves. The latest release in the series comes from Northern Irish sisters Lisa & Alice Wallace, deepening Decoy’s explorations into slow building, gritty warehouse techno. 

The adrenaline charged ‘Condemner’ kicks off the EP at full force, as pulsating low-end subs and rippling hats push the track forwards under a jarring, dissonant drone that gradually builds to the drop, a good three and half minutes into the track.

It is worth taking note of how frenzied both ‘Condemner’ and subsequent track ‘Sporadicus’ feel, especially considering the fact that both tracks operate around the conventional 125bpm mark - neither seem a far cry in terms of energy from something like Regis’ Blood Into Gold release. 

The EP’s hectic pace is somewhat lessened through closing track ‘Everest’, although this isn’t to say the track loses anything in terms of power, as the track sees a jaunty, roughneck bassline suddenly licked into shape by choppy percussion and slow-filtered rising atmosphere drones.

From the tracks propellant opening, one might hazard a guess the track would develop into the sort of crunchy house appropriated by the likes of Delroy Edwards, or Kyle Hall - however, Everest is long form techno, and as the track progresses the L.A.W sister’s hissing, Rrose style atmospheres begin to assert their dominance.

  • Published
  • Aug 17, 2013
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