Margosa HeightsSecond Storey

Margosa Heights

Margosa Heights

Label: Houndstooth

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 24/06/13

Those who have kept an eye on the shifting swamp of talent that is Bristol, will probably be aware of Alec Storey through his Al Tourettes alias. Having released with Appleblim’s stellar Apple Pips label, as well as the impeccable Sneaker Social Club, the Al Tourettes moniker was synonymous with quirky, Dubstep inspired steppers. Fast forward to current day and we see the imminent release of Mr Storey’s latest work for Fabric’s Houndstooth imprint - this time under the byname Second Storey. 

For the most part, Storey’s change in alias appears not to have signified too much of a drastic shift in his productions - this said the Margosa Heights release does feature a more defined measure of musicality, that was usually left as a backdrop through the oddball percussive excursions of the Al Tourettes releases. 

Múm reminiscent, tinkling electronica opens ‘Arpy Gables’, but as the track develops these innocuos textures give way too a much harder edge, as shuffling, two-step rhythms join with a ragged bassline and pitch bent melodies. 

The tracks darker, tougher elements are exploited with more vigour through other tracks such as ‘Still Seas/Just Mortal’ whereby murky drones and surreal atmospherics patiently build before giving way to a feverish, Garage style sway.

Title track ‘Margosa Heights’ also keeps a footing in the fruitful early 2000s Garage/Dubstep crossover period, as a warped bassline is joined by stumbling kicks and a dusty, off-beat hi-hat pattern. Despite some of the tracks more gristled textures, blissful, soporific melodies also make staggered appearances throughout the track, and are a feature more widely exploited through closer ‘Hebridean Mind Tours’.

Aquatic bleeps and blips bubble beneath a slowly developing arpeggio, which is augmented with rumbling bass tones and glitchy percussion around the midpoint.

  • Published
  • Jun 20, 2013
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