Submerged EPRKSS

Submerged EP


Label: Self-Released

Format: Digital
Release Date: 27/02/13

RKSS first appeared on our radar mid last year, when we stumbled across his sublime debut, the Basement EP. After a relatively prolonged hiatus, the Berlin based producer offers up another satisfyingly chaotic three tracker, this time entitled the Submerged EP. Similarly to his debut, Submerged stands out for RKSS’ use of twisted melodies and heady, disorientating organic timbres. His approach to rhythm is refreshingly free, the patterns laid out over the EP are unbound by beat grids, giving them an unrestricted, improvisational quality, similar to that of Madteo or Kassem Mosse.

Opener and title track ‘Submerged’ noisily stumbles along, loosely connecting grainy, bitcrushed percussion with the contorted synth riff the track centres around. This itself feels fairly unsettling, although as it manifests itself in the major key also feels oddly optimistic. The same juxtaposition is exploited through ‘Move’, which opens with a mangled assortment of chimes, punchy kicks and legato synths. Mid way through the track these elements slowly regiment themselves into a more purposeful order, the introduction of bassy, sidechained chords also help to introduce a more defined pace, and a sense of intent. 

Closer ‘Release is certainly the least chaotic of the three, and centres around RKSS’ enticingly rich atmospheres and loosely swung rhythms. A rainstick backdrop is set behind tremolo synths and echoing, Zomby style bleeps. Once again RKSS builds these to a peak around halfway through the track before giving way to housey stabs, coarse percussion and soft, intoxicating melodies.

The consistency in style RKSS has managed to maintain through his two releases is impressive, especially considering there is a ten month separation between the two. How long it will take for RKSS’ next release we’re not sure, however given the musical sensibilities he has displayed so far, we are sure it’ll be worth the wait.

  • Published
  • Mar 05, 2013
  • Credits
  • Words by Straylandings
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