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Images Of Bodies

Vessel is a member of Bristol based ‘Young Echo Collective’ (cited by Kmag as a ‘one to watch’ over 2012) which includes the likes of El Kid & Punch Drunk signing - Kahn. Kmag certainly didn’t get this prediction wrong, a favourite from his soundcloud ‘Images Of Bodies’ providing a dark abyss of mind bending, ultra-raw slow motion House. Stumbling kick drums stomp throughout the track, underneath swathes of radio-static and washing minor chords. Vessel doesn’t stint on effects, filters, bitcrushes and distortion sculpting a variety of timbre’s into a fractured digital sauna. Athough the track would undoubtably be termed under a dance music bracket, (either House or Techno) it takes alot from experimental influences, twitches, glitches and other sonic misdemeanours give the track alot of sticking power, setting Vessel aside from a lot of his contemporaries. 

Today has seen the release of Vessel’s second EP for the Left_Blank imprint, ‘Standard’. Consisting of three slow rolling dance-floor experiments, Standard promotes many of the aesthetics of Vessel’s previous work, whilst also unveiling a passion for some less obvious influences, such as Funk & Disco. Considering the relatively young labels previous release from ‘Myown’ flexing unnerving guitar samples to their absolute limits, it will be interesting to see how far they venture down the experimental path.

  • Published
  • Apr 23, 2012