RemixesYaporigami & Reshaft


Label: Self-released
Format: Digital
Release Date: 09/02/2015

Whilst reviewing Reshaft’s glitch-laced ambient LP Decon late last year, I remember Yu Miyashita (Yaporigami) mentioning his friendship with duo member Yui Onodera. It is presumably this association that has led to their most recent project - a pair of remixes, with Miyashita contributing his take on a cut from Decon, and Reshaft following suit with a reinterpretation of ‘Been’ from Miyashita’s Drudged Torn Routine.

The two offerings manage to both reveal crossovers between the two acts, as well as highlighting points where they deviate from one another. Miyashita’s cast of ‘Comfort Zone 3’ shakes free of the original’s hazy, out of focus feel, creating a lumbering, mechanical slab of techno. There is something reminiscent of early Klaus releases, or Rene Pawolitz’s take on dubstep as The Panamax Project in Miyashita’s wearied half-step rhythms.

Reshaft on the other hand stretch the boundaries of Miyashita’s drum-work to their limits - kick drums staggering between billowing synthesisers & abstract percussion. The effect is jarring to say the least, the tonal palette significantly more ambiguous than Miyashita’s menacingly affront original.

The way in which both acts’ sounds have been aligned here gives an unfamiliar, explorative mood to the tracks - keeping a sense of anticipation all the way through. Furthermore, if this is the calibre to be expected of tracks Miyashita & Reshaft are comfortable to dispatch as a casual free download, their more considered projects throughout 2015 should definitely be something to look out for.

  • Published
  • Feb 16, 2015