Fasma 2017

Fasma 2017

An air traffic controller strike halted my dreams of Fasma last year, but luckily lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice (apparently it actually does but the point still stands).

Running between 4-7 May, Fasma is hosted in various locations across Athens, from clubs like s.i.x. dogs and Astron Bar through to some more historic destinations. This year this includes Mikro Chrimatistirio, the city’s 19th century built Stock Exchange Market which was in operation between 1891 and 1926, and The Garden of The Association of Greek Archaeologists.

As well as opening up some amazing locations, Fasma have developed a knack for curating lineups which transcend genres, creating an experience which feels simultaneously niche incredibly wide-ranging stylistically. Maybe this is to be expected, as after all, ‘Fasma’ is the Greek word for spectrum, in their own words meaning: “a condition that can be limited to a specific set of values but can also vary infinitely within a continuum”.

This year for example sees the power-ambient of Alessandro Cortini share the same billing as Toxe’s energy-flash trance, and alternative-rap pinup Zebra Katz. There’s also appearances from techno’s answer to DJ Screw, Low Jack, Killekill’s Alienata and several emerging local talents such as Vanila’s ANFS, or the debut of Constantine’s HADES project.

As usual, Fasma will also host a series of lectures and workshops. More details of this are to follow, however last year’s festival included the opportunity to build your own pocket-synth to take home, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

For more tickets, updates and further details visit the Fasma website here, or view the full lineup of acts so far, below.

Current Program

Akis S [GR]/ Alessandro Cortini [IT] / Alienata b2b Kondaktor [ES] [GR] / Analogue DJs ]GR] / Anatolian Weapons [GR] / ANFS [GR] / Angelos Kyriou [GR] / Be Uncensored DJs [GR ] / BMSK [GR] / Breakin Moves [GR] / Constantine HADES w/ EFTD [GR] / Daniele Baldelli [GR] / Dead Gum[GR] / DimDj [GR] / DJ Stingray [US] / Eomac [OM] / EVOL [ES] / Hydroessa [GR] / Jamie Tiller [UK] / Jay Glass Dubs [GR] / Kill Emil [GR] / Kon001 [GR] / Lag Os [ES] / Lee Adams [UK] /Liegota [GR] / Mr. Statik b2b Runner [GR] / Perc b2b Randomer [UK] / Pinch [UK] / Polygrains [GR] / PRINCE XXIII w/ DWMND [GR] / Sixth June [RS] / Tolouse Low Trax [DE] / Tomash Ghz [CY] / Τoxe [SE] / Vercetti Technicolor [GR] / Xyn Cabal [GR] / Zebra Katz [US]

  • Published
  • Mar 21, 2017