Release: Parallel Stress Compilation

Release: Parallel Stress Compilation

During our preliminary discussions back in 2011 when we began Stray Landings, we decided on one key focus in particular – the exposition and promotion of artists existing in their own creative spheres, not receiving the deserved recognition for their achievements.

After several years on the project, it has changed in many ways, yet this goal is still at the centre of our ambitions, and the foundation for our third collaborative album, Parallel Stress. The release is perhaps the most diverse of the three, from the paranoid industrial textures of Comer’s ‘One Of The Strangest Things’ or Akzidenz’s ‘Lullaby For Scum V’, to Derek Piotr’s glitchy vocal experiment, ‘K4L1’, or the crawling gothic-techno of Harry Murdoch & KSK’s ‘No Light’.

Alongside the free digital release on the 17th January, we have also put together a limited run of the handcrafted CDs, which includes a second disc featuring a collaborative, fourty minute soundscape crafted by the selection of artists featured on the general compilation.

The physical release is available currently via our bandcamp page here.

You can download the digital version of the compilation for free, here.

  • Published
  • Jan 15, 2014