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That Time When

It seems fitting that the debut performance of Prequel Tapes, was at the closing party of an event space taken over by developers. His debut LP, Inner Systems, possesses a nostalgic, post-rave quality - whilst certainly not a dancefloor offering, the album displays hallmarks of club-culture at every turn. Faded shuffles of percussion, glimmering arpeggios and penetrating low-end are all present, albeit distorted by Prequel Tapes’ heat-warped filters.

Where the artist behind the project comes from exactly is unclear, however the announcement for the release combs over his enduring passion for the grittier sound of Britain in the 1980s/’90’s - Clock DVA, The Cure and Future Sound of London just a few of the artists referenced as an influence on the record.

With Inner Systems due out via R’Coup’D Records (a subsidiary of Warp) on the 13 November, we decided to glean a little more about the influences behind Prequel Tapes, inviting him to contribute to our That Time When series, discussing five of his most memorable gigging experiences.

1 Stuttgart_1987


This was my first big concert, and it was a hell of a surprise. It was the Depeche Mode concert for the ‘Music for the Masses’ tour. I was insanely happy that I had got a ticket to see my heroes that day. I had no idea that I would leave the concert with new heroes however, as neither the ticket or the concert posters said anything about the support act.

So here we go, Stroposkop on and the support act Front 242 hit the stage, firing up music the likes of which I had simply never ever heard before. Maybe it’s hard to understand today, but it was a hell of a blast. The crowd went insane, it was like a hurricane hitting the venue and 10,000 people went bonkers. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing & listening too. From that day on it was carved in the stones that I wanted to make music. I felt like being on a roller-coaster at full-speed; unbelievable and unforgettable. Even today I still am so happy that I got to see Front 242 at the peak of their career.

2 Stuttgart_1989


The Klinik are another Belgian band that influence me deeply even today. Seeing them live for the first time was spooky and somehow very arty. They where dressed as mummies, but wearing both black leather jackets. It was an amazing performance. The show was backed by a huge screen where they projected cut edits of splatter and horror movies.

3 Berlin_2001


By 2001 I was not really into The Cure anymore, and I had seen them five or six times before. When my friend Noura invited me to go and see them perform the Trilogy concert though, it was a quick decision. They played all three albums in full, with a break between each. Listening to the full length versions of ‘Pornography’ or ‘Disintegration’ was mind-blowing and really beautiful. They have always been the biggest influence on me because of their early records, that had such a strong effect on me in my teenage years. From that day The Cure was back in my life.

4 Berlin_2001


I don’t remember really exactly what year it was, but it must have been around 2001. I went out with some friends for a proper rave weekend. And like nearly every weekend we ended up enjoying ourselves at the old Ostgut. It was a different nightlife in Berlin back then, it was about raving and less about showing off. That particular night I was going upstairs for a drink when the dancefloor of Ostgut called out to me with some superb, hard industrial techno. I was completely electrifying and I couldn’t stop dancing for hours. On the decks it was Cora S. She was resident at the old Ostgut and an absolutely top notch DJ. I loved that Berlin. Wasteland Ravelands.

5 Berlin_2013


Seeing Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay performing in the gorgeous space of Kraftwerk for Berlin Atonal in 2013 was an honor. I have always have been a fan of his soundscapes and music, but his performance at the first of the new Atonal festivals, was next level. No intro, just straight into his expertly produced music. It was so honest, brutal and beautiful all at the same time, that it made me stop moving. I was just watching and following all the different transmissions, in a trance. Outstanding!

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  • Nov 12, 2015